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Come with us as we travel through the skies above the beautifully clean and sophisticated Seattle. Dark, cold blue waters of the Puget Sound protect communities of whales and fish, and pleasant, cosy countryside towns are sheltered amongst beautiful forests and mountains. This forms a backdrop to the contemporary metropolis where one can catch a fresh, hot latte, climb the imposing Space Needle by day, and watch a Major League Hockey match by night. View from Above is shot with state of the art DJI unmanned recreational drones.

Seattle owes much of its past to the Alaskan Gold Rush. When gold was found in Dawson in the late 1800’s a rush of American prospectors made their way to the site. The easiest way of getting to the region in Alaska was through the coastal timber town of Seattle. The area was inhabited by indigenous tribes before the town’s founding, and the town expanded into the surrounding countryside after the gold rush. After being hit hard by the Great Depression, the city developed into a business capital during the years of the World Wars, elevating its status by means of ship and aircraft manufacturing. The city made further strides forward in the 1980s when it developed its software production facilities to keep up with what was then a modern technological trend. Nowadays Seattle is modern technological metropolis on its way to becoming a sustainable, environmentally friendly, global role-model.

If you travelled to Seattle in its earlier days you would have accessed it via the Pacific Ocean.  Seattle lies on the coastline of a sound; an ocean inlet that is much larger than a bay or fjord. The Puget Sound, that of which Seattle is acquainted, is magnificent and vast. The cold waters are a home to countless fish and bird species, and regularly receives visits from whales and orcas. Fishing is a popular pastime in the region thanks to its banks bursting with schools of salmon, trout and rockfish.

When approaching Seattle from the sound, the eye-catching Seattle Great Wheel strikes a unique silhouette against the skyline. The Great Wheel is one of the largest in America and sits on Seattle’s Pier 57, a tourist hotspot filled with curio shops and restaurants. It may be possible, from this point, to glimpse Shilshole Marina, one of the many marinas sporting Seattle’s many docked recreational yachts and boats.

Not far from Seattle city, and a short way across the sound, ‘floats’ Bainbridge Island. The island is a pleasant weekend-away destination for a lot of city dwellers that are looking to retire in the countryside for a little while. Home to a few nature reserves like that of the Bloedel Reserve, and a host of stately farms, Bainbridge is a wonderful area in which to relax, or hike and bike.

Nowhere is Seattle’s unique ecosystem more vividly displayed than in Union Bay, an inlet of Washington Bay. Montlake Cut joins Union Bay with Lake Union and the greater Puget Sound. A portion of Union Bay’s shoreline is protected reserve, while there are a few islands, like Broken Island, that are sanctuaries for water-birds and lie just east of Seattle’s University district.

Speaking of museums, the Boeing Company museum is located at Seattle’s King County International Airport, so make sure that you pop by to learn about the history and developments of one of the world’s greatest airline companies. Seattle is a beautiful corner of the world, and the city holds many treasures and delights, but none more than its beautiful country surroundings.

View from Above could not have made these astonishing videos without the help of the DJI unmanned recreational drones. Witness these marvellous feats of modern technology on the website:

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