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If you are looking for the most idyllic island location in the world then you don’t have to look further than Seychelles. Really! This place is that beautiful. From the stunning white sands of Anse Royal to the fish-filled coral reefs in the St. Anne Marine National Park, visitors are completely spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing their paradise playground. View from Above captures this magnificent and dazzling island nation from a birds-eye-view by using cutting-edge DJI unmanned recreational drones. Enjoy the journey!

Seychelles is an island archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. The archipelago is made up of an astounding 115 islands and each one has its own little blissful setting. The islands were largely left uninhabited until the turn of the first millennium when Arab traders would have used the island as a place for some much needed R&R. Vasco de Gama came across the islands in the 1500s, after which pirates were regular visitors. By the mid-1700’s the French came to settle on the islands, but they were the object of a wrestling match between France and Britain and by 1810 were in British hands. The islands were eventually granted independence in 1976, and, after a few years of political turmoil, the islands have become the ideal tropical holiday destination.

Visitors to the island nation will often land by plane at the airport off of the city of Victoria. Victoria is the tiny Seychelles capital, as well as the commercial hub of the island of Mahe and all the other islands surrounding it. Being a city surrounded by tropical island panoramas, it is not without its own landmarks. Visitors must visit the Victoria clock-tower (a Big Ben lookalike) as well as the Tempio Hindu (a colourful Hindu temple). Make sure you visit the famous Victoria Market for local crafts and art.

Just a short distance from the city is the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. The beautiful gardens are home to a few examples of the unique Seychellois flowers, blossoms and orchids. The gardens also shelter a family of giant Tortoises that can live for hundreds of years. Look out for the interesting Coco De Mer palm trees. This is Seychelles’ national tree and its fruit, a bi-pod coconut, is meant to resemble the naked genitalia of a woman, and is exported to China as a delicacy.

But the real reason one visits Seychelles is for the sparkling waters and white sands of their idyllic beaches. Anse Royal is a beach on the main island of Mahe and is home to turquoise waters many beautiful fish. The beach is a good snorkelling location and is bordered by beautiful coral boulders and palm trees. Maybe stay at the nearby Double Tree Hotel, or at least try the tasty creole food at Kaz Kreol restaurant that looks out onto the beautiful cove.

If beaches with more of a wilderness feel are what you are looking for then look no farther than the Grand Anse of La Digue Island. The Grand Anse beach is a lot longer than most of the Seychelles beaches, and the huge boulders that protect the cove also funnel larger waves that are great fun for experienced swimmers.

For a visitor to fully experience Seychelles they must plan to reach the St Anne Marine National Park and stay on one of the smaller islands. The collection of islands are just 5 kilometres from Victoria and boast some of the world’s most protected natural coral reefs. Go out on a glass bottom boat, dive over the side and swim amongst the colours of exotic fish and anemones.

The beautiful Seychelles islands really make the ideal tropical getaway. This little slice of ‘heaven on earth’ needs to be experienced and lived by any and all who can afford to travel there.

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